June 23, 2024
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Unleashing Exciting Mexican Travel Trends for 2024

Unleashing Exciting Mexican Travel Trends for 2024

Mexican Benefiting from a stable economic situation have been able to allocate part of their spending to leisure travel, with rest and relaxation being their main reasons for visiting various places, according to ConsumerSignals by Deloitte. But what other preferences and interests do domestic travelers have?

Introduction to Mexican Travel Trends

As we step into 2024, the travel landscape for Mexican tourists reveals fascinating trends shaped by a blend of economic stability, evolving preferences, and the lingering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past few years, Mexico’s tourism industry has rebounded robustly, reclaiming its position as a vital component of the national economy. According to ConsumerSignals by Deloitte, the desire for rest and relaxation continues to dominate the motivations for travel among Mexicans. However, there are deeper layers to their travel intentions that reflect a diverse array of interests and priorities.

In this comprehensive overview, we will delve into the key travel trends emerging for 2024, exploring how financial stability influences spending on leisure activities, the growing preference for domestic travel, and the evolving choices in accommodation. Additionally, we will examine the priorities that shape travel experiences, from proximity to points of interest to the quest for new and enriching activities. Join us as we uncover the insights that paint a vivid picture of Mexican travel trends for the year ahead.

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Recovery of Tourism in Mexico

After several challenging years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism in Mexico has returned to pre-pandemic levels. According to the latest measurement of the Tourism Gross Domestic Product, in 2022, this industry had an estimated participation of 8.5% in the national economy, generating around 4 trillion pesos. This makes tourism the fourth-largest economic activity contributing to the country’s income, and it is also one of the largest job creators.

Part of the income generated by this sector is reflected in the spending intentions of Mexican consumers. According to ConsumerSignals by Deloitte, this intention grew significantly during 2023, becoming 22% higher than in 2021, one of the years most affected by the pandemic. This benefits various industries, and tourism is no exception.

Preferences and Travel Motives

The financial stability of consumers allows them to allocate a significant part of their income (16%) to categories such as recreation, entertainment, and travel. The main reasons why surveyed Mexicans plan to travel during the coming year are:

  • To rest and relax (57%)
  • To spend time with their partner (39%)
  • To visit family and friends (27%)

This study also aims to provide data on the preferences of Mexican tourists. This information can help us understand the reasons behind the latest trends and to outline actions for the future.

Destination and Accommodation Choices

Consumer choices are related to their economic situation and the availability of services. In the 49th wave of ConsumerSignals, we have noticed that domestic tourism remains strong: 47% of people who plan to travel this year intend to do so within the national territory.

However, despite many people choosing to vacation within Mexico, this does not mean they seek short trips. 38% of the respondents expressed a preference for trips far from home.

The choice to rent a private space has grown 5% in popularity over the past year, although hotels remain the main accommodation option for 53% of respondents. This reflects that tourists seek to customize their choices based on specific needs, such as the number of travel companions (3 to 5 for those aged 35 to 54; or solo for those aged 18 to 34 or 55 and older) and the activities they wish to pursue.

Traveler Priorities

People prioritize being relatively close to their points of interest (35%) over the perceived luxury of their accommodation options (14%), while also seeking to enjoy their rest time by experiencing new activities (36%). Throughout 2023, the perception that restaurant costs have risen significantly remained high (between 60% and 70%), so gastronomic experiences do not reflect a high interest (9%).

An Encouraging Outlook

Since Mexico was named the most competitive country in the tourism industry by the World Economic Forum in 2022, this sector has maintained constant and prosperous growth. Beyond the various challenges faced in recent months, from economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic to climate risks, the outlook for the coming months is positive, as reflected in consumer sentiment.

The increasing development of transportation alternatives, hotels, and tourist spaces, as well as the expansion and consolidation of new tourist routes within the country, keeps the industry’s dynamism considerable.

Similarly, the interest of both Mexican and foreign tourists in traveling within our country makes it an important option for a leisure trip, thanks to its wide range of destinations, experiences, and cultures.


In summary, the travel trends among Mexicans for 2024 show a clear preference for rest and relaxation, with a strong focus on domestic travel. Economic stability and the diversification of accommodation and tourist experience options play a crucial role in these decisions. The tourism industry in Mexico, supported by its competitiveness and constant evolution, is well-positioned to continue growing and offering attractive options for travelers.


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